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released December 15, 2016

produced by charles barth and george white
recorded, engineered, and mixed by george white
mastered by tw walsh

saxophone by tony julian
additional vocals by stephanie marie dunn, mike faulkner, preston hitzler, juice jeffery, chris julian, tony julian, rachel kennedy, nathanael kirkpatrick, jason milham, jared salinas, leanne young


all rights reserved



Saddles Phoenix, Arizona

Saddles is Charles Barth and George White. Their second full-length album, Yoke, will be released on November 18th, 2016.

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Track Name: TAROT
the priestess high, behavior low
harder we try, the less it shows
gleam in his eye, he'd grind his nose
tarot tableau still all we'd know

longer we'd lie with progress slow
deep into night, older we grow
like fools, we'd hide and tinker slow
you'd hear us cry expensive woes

she's inside
we've been waiting for you
almost time
to raise the curtains on you
take your time
all the pressure on you
wake to find we've all gone without you

December night, May morning hopes
still tell ourselves it's what we're owed
stage shrinks in size as our bodies grow
but we blame your eyes for what you've been shown
Track Name: LOTTERY
wavered, if only at first
then, with my hands raised and a big shit-eating grin,
I knew my poison was kicking its way in again
and all my choices would not be choices I’d chosen

we lay in glistening tumult
and I’d hold her close to my chest like stolen treasure
pretend my big giant brain didn’t know better

it’s guns or butter vs. guns and butter,
I’m like some kind of revolution

shivered as we scorched the earth
but then we put paints on our face and felt all better

I won the lottery and bitched about the taxes
and I win this thing like every single day
I tried to feed the beast for fear the best would eat me
yeah I’m pretty proud of how my flesh must taste
and I’m sure you’re beautiful, but I’m busy with this mirror
yeah I stare like I’m scared I’ll forget what to hate
and I know you’re grading me, but I’m paying that you’ll curve it
and fingers crossed everyone else does the same
Track Name: FACE PAINT
picked a fame
and framed it just so
and all the game show folks believed

you were right!
they feel your warm glow
so off you go!

heavy paint
almost a face though
it filled the folks at home with glee

and if you're shot
from just the right spot,
they'll never know.

with the grain
but peeled his face though
and all the folks at home would scream

if you pause
at just the right spot
now there's a show.

picked a faith
leapt out the window
just so the folks below could see

you were right!
and as the crowd grows,
they have to know.

oh Shenandoah!
those men are shackled to the sea
and long they so
just not enough to reach you
oh Shenandoah!
I watched the slaves sign up with glee
for long they've known
the water flows with daughters
deep unknown
but for the lightness of our dreams
but each girl had grown
so all the folks at home would scream.

yeah, all the folks at home would scream.
we’ve all come undone for you
each one torn in two for you
and each in a different way
and still though, more to try for you
as if we wouldn’t die for you
or maybe a shred of praise
it’s all right

see all we have done for you?
and still there’s not enough for you,
but we never change a thing
it’s all right
Track Name: COMFORT
I'm most comfortable rotting
in front of a pretty computer,
seated at a beautiful desk
in a beautiful office.
I'm so lucky.

and I'm most comfortable rotting
underneath a beautiful lady
naked above our giant bed
in our cozy apartment.
I'm so lucky.

and I'm most comfortable spending
entire checks in neighborhood bars.
Two or three rounds for my friends,
they all love me.
I'm so lucky.

still, I'm most comfortable gazing
at the grass in my neighbor's yard,
wondering how his is so green
and how he affords the seeds
makes me sleepy.

all the time when we're talking,
or you're talking and I'm in a stupor,
all I want is for it to end
and for you to just leave me.
Dont you see me?
I'm so lucky.
beer-flavored, tween-tailored tear maker

sheen chaser, rear facer, team player

see us? we’re on filtered video,
just like we went back in time
we thought for sure you’d be busy, though
so all of your friends say hi
today we’re on beachfront patios
and you with your clip-on tie
tomorrow, our song on the radio
remember how hard you tried too?

eraser: feared slaver of entertainer

see us? we’re on filtered video,
just like we went back in time
we thought for sure you’d be busy, though
so all of your friends say hi
today we’re on beachfront patios
and you with your clip-on tie
tomorrow, our song on the radio
remember how hard you tried to escape?

we’ll stay
seated there behind your eyes,
stirring up your frontal lobe
now smile bright, babe
we’ll say
you’re not a total loss, it’s fine
we can make another if we made this one
Track Name: RED CARPET
neon fire set your future bright as a child
and you did fine, just repeating lies to deny them

now the red carrot’s dangling
but you’re resting your legs

and we all try with confusing might to defy them
and though we try, when it comes the time, we define them.

and the comforts are comforting
so you’re resting your head
still the red carpet’s beckoning,
so you’re straightening your dress.

the weary eyes of a greedy child would decide all, despite all
and so you try, with your fingers crossed, to excite them.

and the others went joyfully
while you choked on your dread
and the old horn sang reveille
while you clung to your bed

and right there beside you,
each You you feared you’d become.
and each was prepared to define you
if lies should prove more fun

no flash bulbs to blind you or fight through or frighten your young,
no burnt lime to light you in ripe youth, no weeping praises sung

and now you’re tired in a modest tie as you file and file
a look of fright in your tired eyes as they lie on the tile

and the wall clock is deafening
but it’s all in your head
Track Name: OLD SIN
I’m here face-down in the ocean
so, thought I’d phone now just to let you know
in case I should drown in the red-light glow

an Old Sin frown, a wide net thrown
take of the flesh but leave your own
or soak in doubts and Secret Notes

so do I die slow or outlive my bones
if I sold my soul to a slogan
so when the news comes out, it’s above the fold?

and I can’t feel my toes
‘cause my feet are both freezing cold
but each night I stood firm in the frost
but I found you, didn’t I?
see, I still fear the throes
of a 40-year fight to know
if I’d been worth the work all along
but I found you, didn’t I?

we built our house where the phones wouldn’t work
with great big books full of four-letter words
and we’d read, and we’d share what we saw
and we’d miss everyone but be glad that they’re gone
and we’d check each day to compare what they’d done
and we’d keep eyes peeled, hoping one of them calls
but we build our house where the phones wouldn’t work
so we scream our fears in some vague metaphor, so… you know…

and we still sing along
everybody knows this old song
but each time, those old words leave you lost
until I find you, teary eyed.
I still keep my throne
if it looks a bit like a yoke,
at least I’m not alone anymore
‘cause I found you, didn’t I?
Track Name: ROLODEX
“better me than some other one”
we’ve all thought it too
and if we only get one, then one must be enough

strange that you’d be that only one
when all these Yous could be used
think of all we could’ve done
if “all” would be enough for all your work

God forbid you’ve had all your fun
though you fear its the truth
but if we only get one, then one must be enough

and maybe fears are the only fun He has given to you
still, would your fears be moot if She would have you?

for all your work, you’ve won more work
Track Name: WHITE FLAG
white flag out;
I wave it around
fraught with doubt, I win in a rout
wore me down;
we laid and hogged out
once more now
well maybe once

one more what?
won’t you stop?

off drunk now
she wilts at the thought
kept her doubts
wrote the worst ones down

one more what?
won’t you stop?

off drunk now, white flag out
won’t you stop?